Friday, April 28, 2017

Gas Tax

Gas Tax Feller

One argument for raising the gas tax is that this tax actually taking away stuff we do not like, for example pollution and carbon emissions. Most taxes take away our money to add more things to our community not take away the bad things.  "And while certain taxes disincentivize, to some degree, things we like (such as work or investment), the gas tax, by raising the cost of driving, gets us less of things we don’t like (pollution, carbon emissions, and road wear) (Surowiecki, The New Yorker, 2015)." This explains how the tax would be a good thing because it is taking away negative things from our community. Some people do believe that this is true and I am not one of them.

One argument against raising the gas tax is the fact that the governments goal of the gas tax is not even to take away pollution from our atmosphere. The tax hike on gas would have to be enormous in order to really make a difference on pollution. "neither getting people to drive less nor reducing carbon emissions is a goal of the federal gas tax. Instead, Congress instituted the modern tax in the 1950s to help pay for construction of the interstate highway system" (Bledsoe, The Washington Post, 2014). The biggest thing against raising the gas tax is that lowering pollution is not currently a priority of the government and to really make a difference with pollution the tax hike would have to be unreasonable. The majority of people will not change their driving habits because of a small raise in gas tax. 

I think that the government should not raise the gas tax because it will not do anything unless the hike is so large that it will change peoples driving habits. Also, I do not think that lowering pollution with the gas tax is currently a priority of our government. I think that raising the gas tax would have no benefits received because I do not believe pollution is that big of a problem, that would force people to change their driving habits. In return of paying a higher gas tax I would get nothing other than cleaner air that I don't believe I would even notice. 

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