Friday, April 28, 2017

Gas Tax

One major argument to raising to minimum wage would be using the money from gas taxes for infrastructure and roads. The argument coming from James Suroweiki of the New Yorker of raising gas taxes for reasons of infrastructure is smart and what Iowa did to get money for roads and the I-74 bridge. He also says now is the time to do it because gas prices are at a lower price than a few years ago.

The problem to raising the gas tax would be it would take 1.5 billion dollars away from Americans per every one cent raised. (Abby Attia, The Heritage Foundation) What would happen is instead or Americans spending money on other things which could help the economy it would spent on gas that more Americans need. So, rasing the gas tax would actually hurt the economy among other things according to The Hertitsge Foundation.

I believe we should not have a gas tax because it would hurt people more than anything. It would also be a regressive tax which would really hurt poor people who have a car to get to work. Also, that 1.5 billion would be very very helpful in speeding growth within the economy. Having the gas tax also keeps the economy from growing because people will not go shopping much because people would not be wanting to spend close to 3 dollars a gallon for gas.

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  1. Tristan, I understand your view on how it will be a lot rougher for these poorer citizens but with funding given to infrastructure these groups will be able to make mass transit transportation that has reduced pollution emissions which will help the country reduced gas pollution and this will also provide transportation for poorer citizens to get to work, grocery stores, etc.


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