Wednesday, April 19, 2017

     The glass ceiling is a big problem in our society today, but who is to blame for it? According to Daily Mail it's because men are too aggressive "Shannon Goodson claims that women are still far more timid than men in the office," (, 2008). This makes the case for men being the reason for the glass ceiling. Due to a man's aggressiveness to brag about achievements, ask for a raise, or ask for a promotion they are likely making their female counterparts look less prepared for the job. Women also want to be more lady like which men take advantage of so that they may receive the promotion or raise. Men are to blame for the glass ceiling due to their aggression.

     Men are often blamed for the glass ceiling, but is it really their fault? It isn't their fault because most of the time women are just trying to fill a 'mandatory quota' that they feel they need to fulfill in the name of women's rights. According to not only do women give the glass ceiling too much power they also complain about their flexibility and their desires "36 percent of men said they want to be CEO, whereas only 18 percent of woman said the same" (Lindsay Broder,, 2013). This explains that women aren't the majority of CEOs simply because they don't want to be. They also want to have a family, but most successful CEOs are without families because of their extreme dedication to their company. Although men play a part in the creation of the glass ceiling it is the women who keep it alive today.

     Are men really to blame for the glass ceiling? I believe that it is men who created it, but that it's women who allow it to prosper. They give it power and they feel that they must break the ceiling in the name of women's rights, but then they aren't choosing what they want to do they're doing what society tells them they need to do. According to the a lot of women are running from higher paying jobs due to hostile work environments so they had a solution that might help decrease the gap, "part of that solution has to include changing workplace cultures that are inhibiting women from taking jobs that increase their wages" (Bourree Lam,, 2016). I believe this is the best way to go about it. It will allow for the women who actually want to go into these executive positions a chance feel safe and ready to do their job. I feel that the most important part is that it will still allow for women who don't want to go into higher executive positions the ease of mind that they are no longer being forced into a position they don't want to go into all in the name of women's rights. The glass ceiling has caused a lot of problems in our society and it is time to stop pointing fingers and solve the problem so everyone has the equality they deserve.


  1. I totally agree with your position James but one might disagree and say that women don't even get a chance in those hostile work environments. They want to get into those executive jobs but men don't allow them and then the men say "oh she couldn't handle the hostile work environment here."

  2. Well James, You forgot to mention how men are still earning 22 cents more then women which in my mind is definitely not equality. You also said that women aren't interested in high paying jobs but that statement is absolutely ridiculous since everyone wants high paying jobs, for you to say they don't means you're a sexist PIG!


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