Thursday, April 20, 2017

Glass Ceiling

According to the Huffington Post, women are trapped within certain areas because men keep them there. To elaborate it says that women cannot get higher up in cooperate because men already in cooperate keep them where they are. The reasoning behind that is men do not believe women are as skilled or qualified in cooperate jobs.

Here is the reason to why men are not apart of the glass ceiling, men take more dangerous and higher paying jobs more than women. According to a study UNC conducted, men are more likely to become electricians, mechanics, managers, construction laborers and finally the military and police. Women tend to fill jobs of teachers, secretaries/assistants and cosmetologist which points to why women are making less than men all together.

I believe the glass ceiling is not caused by men but an ideal women created to feel they are under privileged and deserve more. It is a fact you would see men in more dangerous jobs and take higher skilled jobs. Also, women just do not take the initiative in taking toughen jobs. The glass ceiling can easily be broken right now just women would rather have it spoon fed to them than work for it.

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