Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'Glass Ceiling'

Men are to blame for the "glass ceiling'  for a few reasons, but one is being that they do not take after home/ family responsibilities. Since it is typical for women to stay home with sick kids, fix household problems, etc. men are more likely to get the job ( 10/31/2011). To many people that seems sexist. Men are to blame for this because if they would do the same for their families that woman are expected to, women and men would have an even playing field.

Others disagree and would say men are not to blame for the 'glass ceiling'. Organizations that demand equality in fact make it worse for women, When women are demanding something that does not fix the problem. Also, a lot of women are mean and think they are better than the other women in their work environment. Since women are mean to one another, that makes people disrespect women ( Broder 10/16/13).

I do not think men are to blame for the 'glass ceiling'. Women being treated differently than men is a society thing; not a men are to blame for this problem ( Broder 10 /16/13). I agree with this because women are just as able as men to have high paying jobs and become successful. Everyone had the opportunity and keys to success and if you choose to use them or not to use them that is on you, and not someone else.  

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  1. I agree that men are not to blame for this situation, but it's not true that all people are given the same opportunities. Women are held back from many factors such as stereotyping and maternal obligations. As a society we need to do better at creating equal opportunities.


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