Thursday, April 20, 2017

Glass Ceiling

The pay gap is a problem but i do not believe men are specifically to blame for it. On a post from titled "Women: Are We Partly To Blame For The Gender Pay Gap?" there is a post that is quoted from reddit from a user who talks about when hiring men and women men typically ask for more than women on an annual earning. Women will normally settle with the initial offer of 45k a year whereas men normally ask for a bit more around the lines of 50k because 45k isn't enough ( In this it shows that men are not to blame for this pay gap as women can ask for more than they typically accept, all they have to do is ask for more.

On the other hand, it is understandable that as men rule most of the largest companies as a study showed that out of 500 companies only 21 of them were run by women. For there to be a way to help change and fix this pay gap men will have to recognize that there is a pay gap and from there pay women the same amount as they pay men. ( For there to be a fix on the pay gap men will have to shift their focus or at least some of their focus on this problem so that this can be resolved for future workers in these companies.

As I said in my previous paragraph, men need to recongnize that the pay gap is an actual problem and a way to fix this is when in an interview with a woman offer the same amount that men in the same position are earning. There can still be negotiation done through the interview but start off with the same annual amount that men in that position earn. I do believe if women want to earn the same as male counterparts they should be more assertive on their pay (

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  1. Just be have women have the same worth as men does not mean that men are to blame that they get payed more. Men are not to blame for getting higher pay. I agree that women and men are equal, but men are not to blame.


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