Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Glass ceiling

Men in the work force are to blame for the glass ceiling. Men dominate a large portion of the high paying jobs and management positions. Since men have a large role in executive jobs it intimidates women who want to climb the ladder of opportunity (Moazzam, Tribune, 2013). This causes more men to have higher paying jobs because women are afraid to become CEOs, or managers of companies. Because the men stop women from having the courage to break through the glass ceiling they are causing a large population of women to not work.

Some say that women are to blame for the glass ceiling because they are putting up too many barriers for themselves. Women believe that they have no control over the glass ceiling which is causing the them to victimize themselves (Broader, Entrepreneur, 2013). Women who create groups to help break the glass ceiling put a band-aid over the issue and does not help it. They create a metaphoric barrier about the glass ceiling that creates confidence issues in the workforce for women. When they pay attention to everything they can’t do it makes them believe actually believe they can’t do it.

I believe that women are to blame for the glass ceiling because they create one. Women convince themselves that their is a huge barrier between women and men in the work-force that causes women to lose confidence. This barrier is not there and only exists because women create it. If they did not create it then they would not have the issue. One way to fix the pay gap between women and men is to bring awareness to the fact that there is not a glass ceiling ( Smart Living, Popsugar, 2012).

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  1. There is no blame to either gender. But there is a blame toward culture or traditions. Women do not want those jobs but are more than welcome to them when they want them if they prove them selves capable.


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