Thursday, April 13, 2017

     Cheating has always been a big problem, so should we do more about it? Even with the amount of discipline we have at Bettendorf it's not enough to stop the rampant cheating. According "For example, the student who gets caught cheating will - or at least should - feel an immediate response from his parents and the school" ( I believe both aspects of this quote are very important. It is the job of the school to give the student caught cheating the grade they deserve combined with time spent whether that's a detention or a suspension from athletics. Another point that the article makes which I believe has an even bigger role is parents punishing their kids. Some parents simply don't care and because of that students aren't getting the punishment they deserve. In order for students to stop cheating parents must take the initiative or punish their children. If parents were to punish their children for cheating then there would be less of it.

     Although cheating has some "benefits" that some people believe to be important in our society. Discipline for cheaters seems to be the best idea, but others think differently. For example "Cheating is an act of resistance, and resistance against oppressive powers should be encouraged and celebrated," (Cevin Soling,, 2015). According to this article students are being oppressed because they are forced at the bottom of the food chain and thrown in school against their will. They believe that cheating is good for these students because it is a way to fight back against the oppression they are receiving. Wired claims that this is good for the society because it causes people to think for themselves and be rebellious. Not punishing students for cheating allows for students to become less oppressed and more rebellious.

     Cheating is a huge problem and should always receive a huge punishment. I believe that the article released by Wired is idiotic because when a society like that is created we no longer have people willing to work all they wanna do is live off of someone else and be "rebellious". I also believe that parents aren't doing enough and if they increased their punishment by taking away a students car or something then that student wouldn't cheat. The laziness that causes cheating is the same reason our country has such a big problem with the welfare system therefore by teaching our students to actually work for their grades our country has the potential of becoming stronger. Cheating is a product of laziness and in order for an individual to become a strong independent member of society it must be stopped. 

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