Monday, April 10, 2017

High school volunteering

Student service hours has many benefits to help the student once they become an adult. You can gain many new skill from taking on volunteering jobs. Some of the skill you learn will be basic but will be building blocks for the future (Cobb, Unitedway, 2013). When you learn new things at different jobs you can but some together and will help you in bigger or more complicated jobs in the future. At each job there is a variety of people who know different skills and techniques for each job, and by just working with them you can gain new skills o help you in your future.

High school volunteering isn't always a positive, one of the negatives would include time commitment. Some students are involved in athletics, theater, or band etc. When you apply to an organization for a volunteering job they still have your contact info so in the future they may call or assign you to another job, not knowing your schedule (Ronald, Livstrong, 2015). If a student has a lot of homework and has other extra curricular activities it could be really hard for them to apply or show up to a job.

I do not believe that mandatory survive hours should be applied in high school. If a student wants to be involved in a volunteering job he or she can apply themselves. Also some students don't have time to do extra jobs during the year so it shouldn't be a manditory for them to complete a certain amount of hours during a school year. There are more cons then pros to the whole subject because a student can become overly exhausted or stressed with having to complete the task.

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  1. I disagree. i think that they should be required because it builds a good sense of responsibility. I think mandatory service hours is only beneficial.


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