Friday, April 7, 2017

        If it was made mandatory for people to volunteer a certain amount of time each month the general economy would benefit because of it. Businesses wouldn't have to pay people for labor as a volunteer working for free which would give the business more money to upgrade or make the workplace a better environment in general with more income because of volunteer hours. They may even have enough money to gopive employees raises which would indirectly pay people for their volunteer hours.
         People need to have time for themselves, if I have to work for nothing then I am wasting my time as an individual with things to do other than volunteer. If I have projects to work on and homework I need to get done, I don't want to waste my time working for something that I won't benefit from. If we were to keep things as they are everyone would be happier in the long run with more time to themselves.
        I honestly believe that making vounteer mandatory would make everyone unhappy and would decrease the productivity in the every day life of the average person. I don't want to work for something I won't be making money off of. I would rather be doing something that would benefit my life because I have other things to do for myself.


  1. Volunteer work can benefit you as a human, you earn the experience from working on certain projects with all sorts of different people. You can earn scholarships through helping certain companies which can benefit you. There is no money to be made in volunteer work because you're volunteering, it's beneficial for the community not just yourself.

  2. I disagree with Ben's position because even though your are not making money you are doing something that will benefit at least one person. Also, community service hours would not be extremly long, so you would still have time for the things you want to do for yourself. Overall, I think that community service is a selfless act that people should do more often.

  3. I don't agree with this because I believe volunteering brings happiness to people because you made helping out the less fortunate. An average student in college will have to deal with a way more hectic schedule. Volunteering helps students time manage and learn tools they can use in the real world. Volunteering benefits more people than just yourself fwhich is an important value to have.


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