Monday, April 17, 2017

     Cheating in school is becoming much worse, it's getting harder for teachers to control it. It gets easier for students to cheat because of the technology we are able to have. There should be harsher punishments because then students wouldn't do it as much and would be more scared of it. "If you are caught, you could fail the course, be expelled, and gain a bad reputation with your teachers and peers." I believe that's a better punishment for cheating because not student would want to fail to entire semester because of one simple act. Cheating should be taken more seriously. 
     Cheating in school is very common in high school and it would not be taken so serious because Students do it all the time and if they expell a student for something that everyone does then there'd ened up kicking out over half the school  80% said they had let someone copy their homework. So that 80% of stendent would be kicked out of school and no one would be attending the school so it's silly to have to make it such a big deal to the people that don't want to succeed in like by themselves. I say let them fail and cheat they way through life and they will fall hard and fail. 
     I believe that cheating is not taken seriously, they school should make this a harsher punishment because it's no fare to the people that try so hard in school just so that they're work is taken from others. Kids should be kicked out off the class and take an F for cheating  because it's not fare. Cheating will take you no where in life and will make you less confident in yourself and in what you do it doesn't teach you anything 


  1. Cheating is something that majority of students have done at one point in their life. Yes, cheating gets you nowhere, but maybe this shows that something needs to be changed in how they're learning. Teachers may need to make sure that all students understand. At home, the parents need to make their kids study and better discipline towards the situation of cheating.

  2. I disagree with your position because most of the time the students don't feel confident when taking tests because they didn't have enough time to study for the test. Also, the teachers don't always give out a study guide, so the students don't know exactly what is going to be on the tests. Therefore, they feel the need to cheat instead of doing the work on their own.

  3. Although it is not fair for kids to cheat in school. A lot of cheating goes both ways. The kid that cheats usually has a source (another student) that allows the kid to cheat off of him or her. So fairness isn't really a factor in this type of cheating. Also if a kid cheats his way through high school then why wouldn't you just let them do that and then they will fail at life? That seems like the ultimate punishment to me. Teachers already have a strenuous and busy job already and now they have to worry more about kids cheating. That just adds on to the pressure and would become arduous.


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