Thursday, April 13, 2017

         Cheating is an act that needs to be punished, but how much does it need to be punished? A harsher punishment might deter more students from doing. "For serious or repeated instances of cheating, a student may be suspended from school for a few days or even expelled or "kicked-out" permanently. Whatever the consequences, the lesson to be learned by the student is that cheating IS a big deal and won't be tolerated at school or at home (, 2015)." So if a student is cheating they need to learn that it is a big deal, and maybe the only way they will learn is if the have do the entire class/year. If a students knows they will be kicked out of their schools for cheating using all their time just to have it wasted, they probably won't do it.

          Others might say that cheating isn't that big of a deal and give them a 0 on the test they cheated on. When a students thinks their grades are the most important thing in there life why wouldn't they cheat? Also, if a student gets expelled, what would they learn? There is no reason to expel students from college for cheating because they will not learn anything from that experience. Also, it affects students badly because it leads to a break in the educational progress of students (Hammadi, linkedin, 2015)." If a student misses a whole year of school that throws the whole drive to keep doing, especially if they get kicked out for something as little as cheating. In college, if you got expelled for cheating, it unlikely that any other colleges will take you in because they heard that you cheat. So, because of one mistake your chances of getting a college degree are over.

         I feel we should have harsher punishments. Students need to learn that cheating is a big deal and they aren't going to if they don't get punished enough. When a students cheat in middle school and doesn't get punished why wouldn't they in high school and college? Without harsh punishments lazy students would be rewarded for doing nothing and learn that cheating gets you as far as you need. If a student knows they will be punished severely, they will learn to take responsibility for their own learning and become better students.

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  1. I personally agree with you on your stance, but other people may believe that cheating isn't that big a deal. Some people think that students need to learn to value there actual learning over test grades. Once they do that there should be no need for harsh punishments.


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