Wednesday, April 19, 2017

     Men are to blame because men feel like they have more power over everyone else and since they founded the country and not woman men feel like they should have more and the women should stick to the jobs that pay less. Woman always get penitalized because there the ones that have kids and have to say home. Usually woman stick to jobs that do pay less such as teachers or secretaries, but some people are saying that employers are gearing them towards those jobs. “This is not to say that employers do not discriminate by sex. Some employers still steer women into lower-paid positions with lesser prospects,” (Motherhood Still a Cause of Pay Inequality-Eduardo Porter 2012). I agree because it is likely that employers are pointing them towards these jobs, so that they can put men in those positions instead. 
     Men are not to blame because they are not to blame because everyone is paid for the amount of work they are putting in. They are also not to blame because there is a larger number of men competing for these jobs. An article called, ‘Does the glass ceiling still exist?’ ( 2016), “Equality is not measured by how many leaders from a certain group get a job; but, by whether or not they were discriminated in competing for those jobs. It is not surprising that there are less female prime ministers, currently, since men compete for these positions in higher numbers than women.” I agree because if the men are competing for the job more then it is more likely that they will get the job. 
     I believe that men are not to blame because they push themselves to get higher paying jobs. Men want to be the dough maker so they push them selves in making money. Men compete for stuff and push themselves to be right so I believe that's a reason for men getting the higher jobs woman have baby's and need to stay home with the baby so I believe that the inployer also looked at that as a factor and doesn't want to lose money so he also goes with the safer choice and go with the male. 

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  1. I agree with you, but I also think men are not completely innocent. Maybe they are picking men over women for maternity issues, but there are also other issues such as simple discrimination against women, and excuses for why they're not picking the woman over the man.


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