Monday, April 10, 2017


         One con of requiring volunteer work for high school students to graduate is that service hours reap no financial gain. Sometimes high school students don't put forth their best effort when they do not see the reward. When schools require students to volunteer, then in some instances you will just have a bunch of kids who do not want to be there at all. People and/or kids who are required to, and do not want to do something rarely get any productive work done. Another con of requiring students to do this in order to graduate is the time commitment it takes to do these volunteer hours. According to The Calabasas Courier "students with after school jobs have even less time than others to complete volunteer hours"(Cydney Hayes,, 2012). This shows that for a lot of students with jobs or extra curricular activities, they are not able to find the time for volunteer hours.

          There are also many pros to volunteering like helping your community. Another is that many people find interests and skills they had never realized through volunteering. According to United way volunteers have a better chance of finding a job than non-volunteers (United Way,, 2017). Volunteering looks very good on job and college applications and this fact from United Way proves that. In many cases volunteering can be the difference between you and another candidate.

          All this being said I do not believe that volunteering should be required to graduate. I think this because I believe that the cons ultimately out way the pros of required volunteer work. Volunteering is great when it is not required because a lot of times students would be there just to get it over with and not to actually be productive and help. Time commitment is another con of requiring volunteer work because many students have jobs and/or extra curricular activities, requiring hours would make them even busier.

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