Friday, April 7, 2017


      A major positive for a require Service Hours policy would be how well it can improve kids people skills, including communication, labor skills, and problem solving skills "social science research shows a clear link between volunteerism and a variety of positive outcomes: young volunteers have a greater tendency to vote, do better in school and display less anti-social or negative behavior" (September 4, 2012, Macleans). With positive skills comes positive reinforcement in schools and out in the real world.
     Negatively, the Service Hour policy will make students more busy, which leads to stress, that leads to illness, that leads to failure. " she still worries about failure, getting into a good college and making family members proud. And these have led to chronic stomach pain that she says her doctor has linked to stress." (May 12, 20166:04 AM ET, NPR Jacquie Lee). Stress is a negative factor in most people lives, making things harder for them constantly.
      I believe it's a bad idea. Students won't want to do the service hours  anyways, but if it was implemented many of them will become even more stressed, causing failure and unhappiness. Many of them could start failing classes because they're using the time they would normally use for homework to do their required volunteering. So required Service Hours is a bad idea, at least in my opinion.

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  1. Pros for Service hours in Bettendorf High school are making difference in people’s community and country, and can be good for College. Service hours can improve your Problem solving skills, help communities, and improve your teamwork capability. Service hours can even help with individual health, according to National and Community Service “those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates in depression later in life than those who do not volunteer”. Service hours can not only benefit you, but will make a difference in in their community and country. Service hours can make students who want to go to college, make them look better them to get them into a better college.

    The cons for implementing Service hours in Bettendorf high school is that requiring Service hours can distract students from their homework and prevent them from doing any after school activities. If Bettendorf high school commanded students to Service hours, in the future they might have a less than likely chance to volunteer again in the future. According to The Calabasas Courier “students with after school jobs have even less time than others to complete these hours”. If we made it mandatory for students at Bettendorf high school to volunteer students would have less time for extracurricular activities, their jobs, and homework.

    I do not think we at Bettendorf high school should make Service hours mandatory. I think we should make it a choice to do Service hours, instead of making it mandatory. If we made it mandatory students wouldn’t feel as obligated to volunteer in the future. The reason Service hours can be good for people is because they get to volunteer for themselves and lets people have a sense of pride for the work they did for their community.


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