Thursday, April 13, 2017

One possible solution to cheating in school is to treat it very seriously and punish the student harshly. According to cheating should result an automatic zero and expulsion if repeated. On top of that the parents should discipline the student at home. Also they recommend "detention or some other form of school discipline that takes away some of the students after-school free time" (Dell,, 2017). This would be a possible solution because sometimes the only thing that will get through to students is harsh consequences. It will help create negative incentive to cheating.

Another possible solution to cheating in school is to not get angry and have an open conversation with the student. According to Dr. Eric Anderman who is an expert in student cheating and educational psychology at Ohio State University "If you immediately get furious and start punishing or taking away privileges without discussing the situation, the result may be that your child will continue cheating and just try harder to avoid getting caught" (Anderman,, April 23rd, 2015). This supports lesser punishments for cheating because Dr. Anderman suggests that harsh punishments may just cause more cheating. 

Personally, the best way to keep kids from cheating is to threaten very harsh punishments. I think this will be the most effective way because kids will be too scared to cheat and the ones that do will become examples to others. Overall this will incentivize kids to do there own work and not want to copy others because they know the consequences. Finally, I think that harsh punishments is the only effective way to keep kids from cheating in school.


  1. Your position on this topic is entirely wrong, kids who get in trouble for cheating will only cheat more because after they fail they'll have to make it up and cheat more to do it!

  2. Furthermore, when a student is punished harshly you ruined their chances at a good life because of one mistake! Harsh punishments are the worst thing you could do to a cheating student and will only make them cheat more. Cheating should be met with asking the student why and learn ourselves from what they did wrong.

  3. I disagree that harsher punishments are the best course of action. Student's will just find ways around it to escape the consequences. Its a good idea in theory but in reality it won't change much.


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