Wednesday, April 19, 2017

People say that men are a large cause for the glass ceiling. Some even go to say they cause women to make less. "Overall, women continue to earn 15% to 20% less than men—a disparity that grows the longer that women remain working outside the home." ( Women make up about 22% of cooperate executives nowadays, giving a compelling argument that men could be causing the glass ceiling. 
      Other people argue that men do not cause the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling exists because of different levels of difficulty and work ethics. Those who do not try to succeed will not succeed. "The majority of the male interviewees (13 out of 19) reported that they eventually became comfortable projecting authority, gaining enough confidence to lead client interactions into personal territory. As one said, “You need to develop a sense of maturity so that you can win over clients as a peer.” (
   Personally I don't think anyone is to blame for the glass ceiling, I think people just need to be more assertive to make themselves known and get more power in the work place.

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