Friday, April 28, 2017

Pollution Tax

The government should raise the gas tax because the group that benefits from this is everyone included in society. This is because the way we get money for building infrastructure is through this tax. We build new roads fix them, build bridges and provide mass transit projects through the gas tax which is 18.4 cents per gallon. With inflation this should be 29 cents per gallon. If we were to raise the tax in Iowa and Illinois we would be able to fund the I-74 construction. A pollution tax may help reduce emissions of dangerous gases that effect the atmosphere.

A problem that we would likely face if we were to raise the tax is that some companies may move to other countries to avoid the tax placed in the U.S. It is difficult to manage and enforce the tax on pollution, this is because so many things that we currently have such as lawnmowers, cars, and factories release so much carbon dioxide it would be hard to enforce this(

I feel as though making the tax more pricey that it would benefit the infrastructure funds. As we are going to always need to fix old roads and fix old bridges it is beneficial. But the problem we may face with raising this tax if it hit a global level less developed countries may have a harder time advancing technology. And making new innovations as they already have a hard time with energy. Many of these not so developed countries don't have large transportation sources either so making a pollution tax higher and emission tax higher these countries will take even longer to catch up to other countries.

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  1. As looking at governmental debt yesterday we should concentrate on keeping one of our biggest tax assets.


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