Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pollution Tax

     Some would argue that a pollution tax on gas would be a great thing for our government to do. The main reason is because so many Americans drive that they would have no other option than to pay the extra tax that would be put on gas. As a whole, Americans drive about  million miles a year (, Alder, 2013 ). With so many people needing to drive and needing to fuel their cars with gas, the government would be able to profit so much money by only adding one dollar per tank of gas (, Alder, 2013 ).

     Even though our government would make a lot of money, people will argue for why putting a pollution tax on gas is a bad idea. The big on is because this tax would just create another cost for Americans to pay. Some Americans do not make enough money to then have to pay for this extra tax. The only way to kind of even this out so that Americans are not paying a lot in taxes is if the government reduces the tax off of another good that just as many people use. If the government would just add another tax, many people would tank a financial hit, which is not good (, Roder, 2015).

     I personally do not think there should be a tax on pollution because it is just another thing that people will have to pay and it is unfair to those who are dependable on using a car who cannot afford the tax. Also, it is not fair unless the government would then give something back to the population for adding a tax.


  1. I disagree. I think there should be taxes on gas pollution. If a person can afford a car and is driving a car they can pay the taxes if gas pollution.

  2. I disagree with you because if we had this certain tax it would actually help our economy by giving the government more money to better provide for our gov programs. The only people who would be paying more should be the ones that have cars that take a lot of fuel and are not friendly to our environment. This would also cause people to not buy as many non-fuel friendly cars which would be better for our air and reduce pollution.

  3. I believe there should be some cuts on the tax but the tax should still exist. It's important for funding restoration on roads and bridges. Also the tax will help cut down on pollution from emissions from cars


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