Friday, April 7, 2017

     One possible positive of requiring kids to complete service hours is that they will actually understand the importance of caring about ones community. Another possible positive is this they will go into they're volunteering activity with an open mind and become genuinely interested in helping someone besides themselves. According to and Luke Frazier,the executive director of the Maryland Student Service Alliance, "Advocates of service programs refute the notion that their programs aren’t academic. Done well, community-service programs can change people’s minds about the educational value of service"(Frazier, This supports the possible positive of service requirements being good because it is suggesting that volunteering can change ones views of the value of service.

     One possible negative of requiring students to complex a certain amount of volunteer hours is that it may actually cause future volunteering to decrease. Also, it may make students see service as homework and not service. According to and a study, Economics of Education Review by Sara E. Helms, "Maryland's statewide requirement that all students complete 75 hours of service learning by graduation led to significant boosts in 8th grade volunteering—generally in school-organized activities—but it actually decreased volunteering among older students, leading to a potentiom loss in long term volunteering"(Helms, This supports the possible negative of requiring service hours because it may cause kids to not volunteer in the future.

     I personally feel that requiring students to fill a certain amount of service hours is not right. I chose to side with objectivism is this situation because I don't think it makes sense to make every single person volunteer. If an individual wants to volunteer than they have that option, but I do not think it should be forced upon others. If a student plans on being a welder then potentional service hours might be irrelevant because it would not help him get into his trade school. Giving students the option to volunteer or not gives students that choose to, a way to set themselves apart. That is why I think we should not have a service hour requirement for graduation at Bettendorf High School.


  1. I disagree with you whole heartedly when students volunteer it helps the entire community even if they are forced to do it, not only that but forcing service hours also forces the students to learn how to work hard. You could not be more wrong in this situation.

  2. Redadless of a student's future plans community service is beneficial to the community as a whole as well as the individual volunteer. Studies show that service learning is associated with academic gain as well as strong mental health. Also a service hour requirement can help students work on time management and communication skills. That's why I disagree and believe that there should be some sort of requirement for students.


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