Monday, April 10, 2017

Pros and Cons of having 'service hours' as a requirement for graduation.

Volunteerism in high school gives leverage on your college applications and also give students many life benefits. Students who participate in community service tend to do better in school, has better health, and become great employees. It's believed that community service is somewhat of a missing link for students, giving them the chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom to real human needs. Research has shown that individuals who participate in volunteering have better physical health than those who does not. Doing so also teaches teenagers skills that will be valuable to an employer. This includes teamwork, problem solving, and the ability to follow instructions (Staff writers,, 2012).

Forced community service takes away from the meaning of the experience. The Student Service Learning. (SSL) obligation imposed upon high school students today is not only unfair but unnecessary. The merit of volunteer work stems from the fact that it is voluntary- if schools mandate that students perform community service, then projects lose value to student participants. Students should not have to do community service out of fear of failing to graduate. Some teenagers are busy during high school. To enable mandatory SSL will cause a student's work schedule to overflow. Many have to do school work, go to work, and attended extra curricular activities (Claire Koenig and Simrin Gupta,, 2011).  In addition, adding community service as a requirement would add more stress on students than to help them.

Therefore, I think service hours should not be required to graduate. It will ruin the high school experience for the students. You can not intentionally force someone to do something they do not want to do. Many children may not have the ability to do so throughout the year. Some can have family problems at home & doing community service could be impossible outside of school. Although community service can be beneficial in some ways but the students should get to decide to do so on their own outside of school. With being said, I do not think BHS should mandate 'service hours' in order to graduate.

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