Friday, April 7, 2017

Pros and Cons of service hours - Jacob Stroyan

Of the many benefits you can receive through community service work, there is one that should stand out to everyone and that is scholarship opportunities. While doing work for the community you're networking with other groups of companies and individuals who can write some great recommendation letters for you. Some community service organizations offer their own scholarship opportunities ( On the same page of schooling and community service, some schools offer credit after a certain amount of hours of work.
Now the negative side of community service, there are a few negatives to community service time commitment, emotional involvement, and frustration are all things you can get when you're involved in some extra work. Getting emotionally involved can be a problem like when you're helping injured pets, helping nursing homes and even building homes for people. It doesn't seem like such a problem to care for others but when it can carry over to your personal life ( Like with family and friends you can become more and more sad or anxious to continue trying help the community and others that really need your help. 
I believe it would beneficial for students to do a certain amount of community service. The reason I believe this is because with such young workers helping in the community like helping when building houses for Habitat for Humanity, or helping rescue animals they can understand difficulties in the community and peak their interests. They can also possibly earn credit or even better may receive scholarships. Although it may not be available in all areas it is still offered in certain areas and groups.


  1. I disagree with your final statement because the whole point of volunteer work being looked at by college is because it isn't mandatory, if we were all required to volunteer then it wouldn't be so special anymore. And I believe that making volunteer work mandatory is a big waste of time and that there are plenty of more beneficial things I could be doing with my life than doing something that I personally do not benefit from

  2. I disagree with you on gaining credit or scholarships. Due to the requirement most people will only achieve that requirement, therefore all of those students will be exactly the same. This means that all of these students will have the equivalent of no community service hours meaning that they won't receive credit or scholarship. People should have the choice to make themselves better than the rest by volunteering, having a required amount of hours would greatly reduce their achievement.

  3. I disagree because I believe productivity and happiness would be lowered while stress would be at an all time high. If a child has 5 hours of homework but still has an extra curricular activity AND they have to get volunteer hours in? That seems extremely unfair, especially to those who can't find that kind of time because of jobs or sports and such. Skills may improve but at the cost of mental health, a sacrifice I'm not willing to make.

  4. Jacob I do not agree with your position on service hours requirement at BHS. Some student do not have time to do required service hours. If a student wants experience with volunteering they can do so on there own time.


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