Monday, April 17, 2017

Punishments for cheating

Students that cheat in school should have more serious consequences for many reasons, but one is, is that cheating will eventually lead to failure. If a student is constantly cheating and is not receiving any punishment to make them stop the bad habit, that student will never learn what it takes to actually achieve something on their own, the correct way (https://middleearthnj.wordpress.comb 2015/09/28). Also, since cheating is the "easy way out" those who do cheat will not have the skills that involve working hard and actually taking in information and applying what you have learned.

On the other hand, some believe cheating in schools is not wrong. Some say cheating should be allowed because as a society we are so focused on maintaining good grades, that it is sometimes impossible to do well on an assignment/ test without cheating. Also, the tests students take, they will most likely never be tested over it again or need to know the material so it should not matter if they cheat or not (Soling 2015/01/29).

I think the punishment for cheating should vary depending on the cheating. I think that copying someones homework is very different than cheating on a test. I do not think that cheating is right, but I also do not think someone should be kicked out of school or fail if they copy homework.

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