Sunday, April 9, 2017

Requiring Volunteer Work to Graduate

     Requiring students to volunteer to graduate has a lot of good aspects. A benefit of volunteering is the impact the students can make, " When community service is required for graduation it sparks creativity in students and propels them to create projects that may have a profound impact on the local community. Also, when students work with community leaders in public service they start to make connections that may help them later in their careers or life (Bodeeb, brighthubeducation, 2014)." This shows how volunteering not only helps the community but can help the individual later in life. When the student's college application shows they have done hours of service it might help them get in.

       Forcing volunteerism also has it's own flaws. When they have to do work or else they don't graduate once they finish it could make them uninterested because they had a bad experience, "Kids aren’t “stepping up” and becoming citizens by being forced to do community service hours in order to graduate. Promoting and providing resources for your students to volunteer in their communities is a proper way to motivate kids to get involved, not by a forced requirement to graduate (Shroeder, ChicagoTribune, 2014)." So, instead of the students becoming intelligent, informed citizens they go "well I guess I have to do this now" and once they are done they usually don't do it again. Not only does it make them want to stop, but also when the colleges see they were forced into the service hours it might not help at all. It's like Syndrome in The Incredible's said, " When everyone's super, no one will be..."

      Although there are both good and bad aspects of being required to volunteer, the bad outweighs the good. As I’ve already explained it doesn’t help you with college applications when everyone is forced to do it. Also, because students are forced to volunteer most will not enjoy it because they feel as though it is a chore. Volunteering should be something you want to do to make the community a better place not what you have to do or else you can’t graduate. So instead of forcing students to volunteer, we should be heavily encouraging as it would make putting it on a college application more attractive and make them feel like they are doing something for the community because they want to.

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  1. I feel as if Volunteering is a great idea and students can benefit gereatly from it. Even though everyone will have community service hours on their college application, it is not guaranteed that every student will go or apply for the same college. It's shows that students have teamwork and that they can follow directions when given to them.


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