Friday, April 7, 2017

School Service Hours

One major pro in doing service hours is that is has shown academic gain for various students. Community service is supposed to make everyone who does it a better person. It makes you think about what other people go through and how to treat other better. If students just act nice to one another, then they could worry more about their own academic success. Many students don't have motivation to get better at school, so looking at it from other aspects is great. "It's believed that community service is somewhat of a missing link for students, giving them the chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom to real human needs" (Online College,, 2012). Students say they don't learn anything at school, but they really do. By applying knowledge, they can all make a difference in the community.
A major con to requiring community service hours is that it would be hard to make sure the students are actually doing it and being honest. It's hard to keep track of over 1000 kids and make sure they all do what they are supposed to do. It's very easy to just write down something and not even do it all if nobody knows. It would be hard to keep track of exactly how long you do something and tell if it even counts towards community service hours. The confusion and lying would be the toughest parts to deal with as a school. 
I believe that it is a good thing that schools are requiring community service hours to graduate. Most kids don't realize that they are already doing community service hours, and a lot probably would complete theirs without too much of a hastle. It makes students better in the classroom and it makes them better as human beings too, the more important part of it. You don't get options in life to do certain things, and this should be one of them. Overall, I don't see why having community service hours as a graduation requirement would be a bad thing. 


  1. I disagree with you that we should have mandatory service hours for graduation. I disagree because I do not think it will make people better humans or better in the classroom. I think this because most people would just do the minimum required and not actually get anything out of the service. I don't think it will make them better in the classroom because I don't think those two subjects are correlated at all. Also, I disagree that having mandatory service hours will not be a bad thing because everyone has very busy lives and it may become a hardship for certain students to complete them. Finally, that I why I disagree with the notion that service hours should be mandatory.

  2. I disagree with you because it will take time away from students and you do get options in life. First, if you are required to do service hours and you are involved with sports, a job, internships, and having to do schoolwork it really begins to overload students making them less motivated in class and other areas. Also, people get options in life... I can go to my boss and say I no longer want to work here for such and such reason and you can pick what you wanna do in life, sure in the job you have limits but you are not legally required to do anything, unless you do not wanna get fired.

  3. I disagree with you because, Service hours doesn't make people better unless they themselves volunteer. If they are forced to Service hours they probably will not volunteer in the future, which does not make a better person. It will also not help with students in the classroom, since they will be using that time for Service hours instead of studying or doing homework.

  4. I disagree with you because the service hours dont better the image of the person. It only proves that they are willing to go out of their way to help out. And that should only be out of the kindness of their heart and not because if they dont they dont get to graduate. When you shove an idea down someones throat, then they dont want to do it anymore and they just do it because they dont have a choice. Achedemics should only prove a students success.


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