Monday, April 10, 2017

Service Hours: pros & cons

Mandating community service to high schoolers has the potential to be extremely beneficial in the lives of young adults. Not only is it advantageous to their current situation, but more importantly it will have an extremely positive affect on their futures. Besides impacting the community positively, participating in community service promotes strong mental health and psychological well-being. According to research conducted on 180 volunteers who were interviewed, the experience was perceived as providing meaningful structure and enriched their lives by helping them to overcome personal trauma (Newman,, 2017). Clearly volunteerism helps the whole, but in turn it creates a positive mindset for the volunteer themself.

On the other hand, requiring time to be allocated to a specific activity can be detrimental to certain students. Depending on the amount of mandated hours, many students may not have time to complete the graduation requirement. In turn, this loss of free time will create less hometime time for students, causing grades to slip for those who do not posses good time management skills. Additionally, Iowa already has an extremely high rate of participation in community service compared to the rest of the United States. In 2015, Iowa was rated the state with the tenth highest participation in service projects (, 2015). With such high marks overall for the state, it may not be necessary for BHS to mandate a set amount of service hours because clearly many students are already engaging in it on their own.

Although Iowa does have such a high rate of participation already, I believe this would be highly beneficial to all students at BHS. There are the obvious reasons like impacting our community in a positive way, but more subtly this required time will greatly impact students’ future. Having community service hours on any application tells the school or future employer that they are a hard worker and can get a personal feel for them depending on the type of charity work they choose to participate in. Also it will help them to stand out from those at other schools that do not have the requirement. This demand will also help students to work on time management skills by forcing them to balance their other activities with this requirement. Some may say this would constitute as a loss of freedom for students, but service learning is associated with academic gain so not only will students be enriching the community, but also themselves. Overall, volunteering is a great experience and is highly important for students’ futures and a requirement at BHS would be highly valuable for their education.


  1. You're logic is extremely flawed. Although helping your community is very beneficial to the both sides, a decent amount of students will not have the time nor motivation to complete the grueling amount of service hours forced upon them. Also, time management skills are put into effect everyday at school. For a student-athlete, you are at school most of the day, have practice or a game after school and then have to deal with homework. Weekends are there for a reason and that is for students to rest after a long arduous week of grueling school work and extracurricular. Being forced to do community service is a waste of time, if you want to go help the community, do it on your own time. Ultimately, it would just become a drag and another strenuous activity that would be forced upon us. Service hours, by no means, should be a requirement to graduate from school.

  2. Student will not be doing real charity work if they are not choosing to do I themselves. If the student are forced to work they are not hardworking by their own choice. Next, if everyone is doing service hours it won't look good on an application because everyone else wihtnhave it theirs as well. Lastly, service to the community is good,but only worth something if it a independent choice

  3. I believe that it would benefit for college resumes, but some students just don't have the time for even more responsibilities. A lot of students are in clubs for fun, but also because they look good for college resumes. So, yes it would look good for your resume to have a lot of volunteering hours, you would be lacking in the school involvement category.


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