Monday, April 10, 2017

Service hours requirement; good or bad?

Here at Bettendorf we do not have a service hours requirement to graduate, but what if we were to make it one? One of the main positives of volunteering is all of the new interests and skills you will discover you may have. According to the report by the Canadian Heritage written in 2016 titled, 'Why People Volunteer,' "Among the major rewards and incentives of volunteering appears to be the opportunity for personal growth. Discovering new skills and capabilities, learning more about yourself and other people or overcoming personal challenges were identified by the people in our groups." Many people are surprise to find that they had interests and skills they didn't even know they had. They discovered these through volunteering with different programs, and doing different things each time.
Although there are positives to volunteering, there are also the negatives. If Bettendorf were to add a requirement for service hours to graduate people wouldn't have time for other requirements such as homework assignments, jobs, or clubs and after school activities. According to the article written by livestrong in 2015 called, 'What are the pros and cons of volunteer work,' “Once you begin to volunteer and organizers of that particular activity or program see that you're a valuable asset, you make be asked or encouraged to do more. This can lead to scheduling problems and leave less time for school, family, work and other obligations.” Overall, making service hours a requirement would lead to scheduling problems with other requirements you have to graduate.
I believe that the adding of a service hour requirement would be more non-beneficial than beneficial for Bettendorf High School. Some students already don't have enough time for doing school assignments along with participating in school clubs, work, and personal time. If students had to also volunteer certain hours in order to graduate this would lead to more stress, and failure to complete everything they need done. 

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