Monday, April 10, 2017

Service Hours

Student service hours is a great way for students to hone in on their people skills and give back to the community. The most beneficial aspect of service hours is kids can structure their people skills. No matter where a student is working, they get exposure to different ethnicities, races and religions and have a better understanding of the world around them (Hagensen,, 2017). Service hours do require students to take a step out of their comfort zone and take on different and innovative tasks that would improve skills that are vital to acquiring a good job in the real world. It is better than sitting on a couch all day while eating barbecue chips.

On the other hand requiring, or in other words forcing, a student to do service hours can be very unproductive. Students are very busy, most of the day teens are at school and maybe in extracurriculars after school. Most of the day is full of busy events that can be arduous. Piling on a certain and maybe preposterous amount of service hours onto a student is basically just a drag and another thing the adults press on them. Once your name is out there you may be asked to participate in more and more activities. This can lead to schedule problems and then stress, which is never good (Roland,, 2015). Another flaw in some of these sources logic is that they act as if children only have a certain amount of time to coexist with people that are different than them. There are many more and less fraught ways for people to work on their skills.

They flaws of service hours ultimately outweigh the pros of it. Students are stressed enough as it is, they do not need another grueling assignment forced upon them by some adults who are convinced they know best about everything in this world. Students work on their people skills as soon as they walk into the doors of any public area that would require engagement with another human being. Service hours are not the only opportunity for students to acquire these abilities that are very necessary to prosper in the "real world." Also if you want a exacting number of service hours tagged onto you to graduate then you need to go out and live your teenage years. These are the best years and you shouldn't have to spend them dragging along a nonsensical amount of strenuous chores you need to do for the community just so you can go on and get a decent education.

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