Friday, April 7, 2017

     Requiring students to volunteer has many benefits. One of those benefits is application. " them the chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom to real human needs" (Staff Writers,, 2012). This is very important because it allows for students to understand the topics better through the process of hands on learning. It also helps them later on in the workforce because students know more about human needs and they have a better understanding of how to work and make decisions. With these extra benefits students will become more employable and more ready for the tasks of work. Although have a volunteering requirement has positive benefits it also has some defects.

     Requiring students to volunteer can help them be more successful in life, but there are also some negatives. One of those negatives is lack in drive. "...leading to a potential loss in long-term volunteering," (Sarah D. Sparks,, 2013). Due to the requirement students had more volunteering in their earlier years, but as they got older and in need of more experience they began to stop volunteering. This can be bad because as the students get older they need those outside experiences to round them out as a person. They also need the extra volunteering to get into better schools or jobs. Another problem is that after they graduate they might not want to volunteer anymore. This can be very bad for a community because volunteering does some very important things like cleaning up parks or helping the elderly. If the young and able aren't willing to volunteer who will. Having a volunteer requirement can be great, but it can also be terrible.

     Although there are some great benefits to having a volunteer requirement I believe that the cons outweigh the pros. I believe that giving students the freedom to choose between what they do in their free time is important. If a student wants to focus on school and athletics then they should have the freedom to do that. If they choose to make themselves a greater and more well rounded person they have the option to do that. Also by making this a choice for students they will have to motivate themselves to accomplish these tasks which is far better than the school motivating you. Yes there are great benefits to a program like this I personally believe that keeping volunteering as a choice is a far better option.

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