Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Glass Ceiling 
The workforce seems to be dominated by men which account for over 53% of the population. Women only account for 47% of the working population. This number has increased over the years but is still lower than the male working population. Women are more concentrated in certain types of work places like staff and support jobs. These jobs do not offer the chance to get to the top like being a CEO. In a recent Washington Post survey most women named main obstacles to be 3% family responsibilities and the rest of the obstacles to be gender related like, slow advancement for women, and the attitudes towards a female boss ( Arlington, Feminists, 2014). More than 80% of the working women on wall street say they face harder judgement towards them from being a working women. 

On the other hand many believe that in this day and age the only thing that stops you from getting the job you want is you. People believe that getting the job you want takes hardwork and some women do not want to work this hard to become a CEO or manager of a company. The real glass ceiling barriers have to do with low self esteem, lack of integrity, ignorance, and fear. Becoming a manager of a company takes lots of responsibility and courage to stand up for yourself and remain strong throughout the job. Many women can do this as well as men which makes the argument that men are to blame for the glass ceiling irrelevant because it ultimately comes down to the person and their work ethic. 

I do not believe that men are to blame for the glass ceiling. I think the problem is not the gender gap but the different levels of confidence throughout the work place. Some women do not feel superior to men and it stops them from moving forward in their job. If women had more confidence and felt like they could do everything women could do the glass ceiling would not exist. I think fixing the pay gap between women and men could be solved by pay transparency (Elsesser, Forbes, 2015). If people knew what they were earning compared to others it would bring more awareness to the issue and help solve it. 

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