Friday, April 28, 2017

The government should increase taxes on gasoline to decrease the pollution because America has pollution problem and we don't want it to be as bad as China. America's main priority should be to decrease emissions from cars and have more fuel conscious people on the road. Taxes on specific consumer goods often discourage work by even more than the income tax does," (Picker, nber, 2017). 

I think that the increase on pollution tax for gasoline is a bad idea. When prices are high on consumer goods people don't like to spend too much money it. It would be unfair in the business efficiency area because it will produce the amount of transactions for gas and the overall production of it if the prices go up. 

Some people believe that if you increase the pollution tax than it will discourage people from wanting to work even more. When certain consumer goods are taxed it can cause a rise in the amount of people who work. Turning people away from putting in work to face a huge problem in America because of the already millions of people out of work. Increasing the pollution tax on gasoline would only discourage people from working which is not what we need.

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