Thursday, April 20, 2017

Glass Ceiling Deere

          Who's fault is the glass ceiling? Woman can't be to blame as they are the ones who want to break through it, so it must be men trying to keep women down. "Here, we get the rare sense that systemic forces, not women, are at fault for an enduring lack of equality at the top. And in thinking about the broader social and cultural forces at play, the whole paradigm suddenly shifts (Gloudeman, 2015, HuffPo)." Because men run the system it is easy for them to keep women below them as they all have preconceived notions of what women are. Men think that woman get pregnant and take off time from work and expect there job so they can't run a large business. When in reality, woman would do a much better job running any business run buy a man. Not only that but men are the ones who get women pregnant in the first place so it's like double oppression.
           Most men are not sexist though, so that argument means nothing. Maybe woman can't break the glass ceiling because they only believe they have more important things in there lives. "Research shows a significant 92 per cent of British women harbor hang ups that are holding them back in their lives - and the workplace is where British women feel they would most benefit from an injection of confidence (Winter, 2013, DailyMail)." So it's not that men are trying to keep women down, it's that most women don't feel they move up with what is going on in their lives. Men only focus on getting a promotion or a raise because that is what is most important to them, where as women might be more interested in other facets of their life.
          However, we can't put men and women into such general baskets of how they act. Woman would not hold themselves back, that notion is absurd. Men have to be the ones holding woman back or at least were and has carried over to today. The only way to break through the glass ceiling is to raise the minimum wage. "Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. Two-thirds of workers in low-wage, tipped occupations are also women. Raising the minimum wage and the tipped minimum wage are important steps towards fair pay for women (Vagianos, 2015, HuffPo)." If we raise the minimum wage then is will raise the median wage and close the gap between men and women in the workplace. Of course raising the minimum wage causes loss of jobs, but who cares because "EQUALITY."


  1. I disagree with you that women cannot break through the glass ceiling becuase men are sexist. I also think that raising the minimum wage would do nothing but hurt America. You stated that 2/3 of low wage workers are women which justified raising the minimum wage. This is completely wrong becuase the glass ceiling deals with women making it out of the lower class jobs and people do not become the CEO of McDonald's after working for 15 dollars an hour. That is why I think men are not to blame for the glass ceiling.

  2. I disagree in raising the minimum wage if anything we should lower how much men get paid and see if women are really arguing for equal pay or more money?

  3. I disagree with you here Griff. Raising the minimum wage wouldn't help with equality because that means more people including women would be let go. This might help close the gap between pay, but it will increase joblessness. Therefore instead of taking a step forward economically we would be taking a step back. In order to increase equality in the workplace we need to stop giving the glass ceiling the power and break through it.

  4. I don't think that the best thing to do is raise the minimum wage. Everyone can say we need equality, but truth is it will never happen. If we take out jobs I feel like it would be even worse for women, so I really don't know how we'd even it out.

  5. I disagree in raising minimum wage to close the gap. It'll just cause businesses to cut workers and if the wage is higher, men will still get paid more.


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