Monday, May 1, 2017

A possible argument in favor of the government subsidizing college tuition is that college is the gateway to success so it should be more available to everyone. This argument would say that the only way to make it more available to everyone is to take away some of the cost. According to Daniel Barbezat, a professor of economics "the reason we continue to subsidize post-secondary education is to produce benefits beyond those that simply accrue to the student him or herself through vocational training and employment" (, Barbezat, 2013). This supports the idea that we should countinue to subsidize Post-secondary education because college is what can give you the best life possible.

A possible argument in favor of getting rid of subsidized college tuition is that all it does is raise college tuition. According to Tim Worstall from the Adam Smith Institute in London "65% of any increase in student subsidies just feeds through into higher tuition fees for everyone tells us that this isn't a good public policy. And that's enough to shoot that idea down and insist that people go find some other way of increasing access" (Forbes, Worstall, 2015). This supports the idea that getting rid of subsidized college tuition is a good thing because it shows that subsidization just increases tuition. This means that you really don't end up saving very much money at all.

Finally, I personally believe that the government should not subsidize college tuition because it just inflates the overall price of post-secondary education. University's should set their own prices and students can make the decision to invest their money in that education or not. University's will not cost $200,000 because no one will be able to attend. The market will determine the price of college and the state university's will be in competition to keep tuition low to have the most students. Lastly, that is why I think the government should not subsidize college tuition.

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  1. Obviously when you wrote this blog, in your little privileged world you forgot about all the minorities and low-income households. If the government doesn't subsidize how will they pay for it HUH. That's what I thought. Universities WILL cost $200,000 because capitalism IS EVIL.


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