Tuesday, May 2, 2017

College Instate Tuition

The government should continue to subsidize instate college tuition because the cost of college keeps rising. College tuition has risen more than any other prices in the economy (Freedman, Forbes, 2013). Far more students are attending college than many years ago which makes systematic incentives encourage colleges to raise tuition. Education is a big role in a young persons life because it sets them up for the rest of their lives. If states stop funding instate tuition many students will lose the opportunity to go to college all together and not get a job in their future. Less jobs in America is a recipe for disaster.

Government should not subsidize instate tuition because it has no evidence that high subsidies causes economic growth. For example Michigan spent the most money on instate college subsidies in the year 2000 but became the worst state in the nation for economic growth that year (Skorup, Michigan-capitol, 2013). This shows that states that subsidies instate tuition are not helping the economy. The state pays for too much college tuition with no initial benefit.

I do not believe that the government should fund colleges as much as they do. I think that helping out with 1/3 of the cost or maybe paying for room and board is beneficial. I think that if the government stepped out of the role they play in subsidizing colleges the cost would eventually come down all together and college would not be as expensive as it is.  The subsidizing of instate tuition is a slippery slope and does not seem like it is going to help. It raises college prices all together making it incredibly higher each year. There should be an alternative to college prices.

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