Monday, May 1, 2017

College Subsidies Deere

        College is very expensive, not everyone can afford it at it's full price. When colleges are subsidized by the government it makes it easier for everyone to afford in that state or whatever the college subsidizes for. "If we transitioned to a system of “debt-free” college, we would certainly be better off. Not only would this increase access to college, it would also take the burden of debt off the backs of many young people starting off their lives (Konczal, democracyjournal, 2016)." So, instead of students living the rest of their lives with debt, they would have none. Also, more people would enter increasing the intelligence of everyone.
          However, most say that subsidizing tuition increases the price and makes it harder to subsidize. Subsidizing tuition increases the price for college and the colleges waste the money on random stuff. "tuition costs have skyrocketed well above inflation while colleges compete to expand into areas outside of their main purpose and taking on more debt to do so (Skorup, michigancapitolconfidential, 2013)." So when you subsidize college it makes tuition more expensive and all the colleges do is waste money and puts them in debt so they have to raise tuition more to make up for it and get paid higher subsidies.

           I think college should not get subsidized. When college is subsidized tuition goes up because they know it will be paid for by the government. If the subsidies were gotten rid off then prices would lower and colleges would realize that no one can afford non-subsidized tuition, and no one would go. When no ones goes to college they will need to lower tuition so people will go. Students will still be in some debt but they can work that off if they finish college and get a good job. Subsidizing college really only does bad things and does create economic growth in any way.

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  1. I think if we make colleges realize they charge too much, then there's a few down years of kids not going to college. Businesses love college degrees and it looks better on a resumé, so the years after would be rough for some businesses. This could make the economy worse if we're not promoting kids to go to college, so I think it's best to keep it how it is.


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