Monday, May 1, 2017

College subsidies

Education should be accesssble to everyone. Prices of private colleges have tripled in a span of 40 years, (Josh Freedman 2015) People cannot afford going to college within would mean we have a less educated public so less capitalism because people aren't getting those high paying jobs. If we want a stronger society and stronger capitalism we need more subsidies in order to get this.

We should not subsidies, says a study done by Michigan colleges "there is no link between higher education and economic growth." Higher paying may be brainwashed into students thinking they NEED higher education in order to prosper but all it does is enslave the student to the debt collector and force them to work the rest of their life in a debt cycle.

We should absolutely not subsidies college education, public nor private. Just like the argument of medical insurance the hospitals choose the prices to charge the government this is what is happening in colleges. The colleges skyrocket the prices in order to get more money this is why private colleges have tripled it is because as the economy "grows" and the dollar gets less valuable they make the prices higher. Schools should stop being subsidized. It would cause supply and demands, once the price is too high people will stop going forcing them to lower the prices to stay alive.

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