Monday, May 1, 2017

Gas tax

We should increase tax on gas to make the air less polluted. This would make it safer for kids and new horns to breath and have a healthy life. Another reason is that the money could go towards roads and other transportation investments (The Editorial Board, New York Times, 2016). Highways are also deteriating so we need to raise the tax to pay for new roads.

Reasons why we should increase the tax on gas is because it would affect middle-income families. Plus the increase on gas tax will increase the price on consumer goods such as food and everything else the purchase (Boone, Americans Tax Reform, 2015). This will also decrease the average American salary which will affect the economy in many different ways.

I believe that we should not increase gas tax because it will affect many other things and lead into a domino effect. Also most people can't afford the gas in their car or a car in general so that would also means busses will charge more and take more out of everyone's pocket.

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