Monday, May 1, 2017

Should the government subsidize college

     A possible argument for why the government should subsidize college is because the amount of students going to college is increasing. Since a lot of the money that the government gives to universities goes to help those who are poor, the government needs to help those who are just truing to go to school (Freedman 2013). I agree with this because tuition is expensive and even though the government gives universities money, they then spend the majority of the money on those who are poor rather than on any student who is attending the university.

      Others disagree with the idea of subsidizing college. Some arguments for why college should not be paid for by the government are; since college education has such a high value, why would it be given away for free? Also, many people will argue that college is an option. No one is required to go to college (Luebke 2016). I agree with these statements because if college tuition were given to everyone, those who are not suited for college would take advantage of the resource. Also since it is not illegal to not go to college the government should not have to pay for people to go to school.

     Personally I do not think the government should have to pay for peoples college tuition. Since college is a choice and not required by law I do not see why it should be the government's responsibility to pay for it. Also since not every person is cut out for college,  those who are not will take advantage of getting the education for free which will not benefit anyone and will actually just take away from those who are serious about their education.


  1. I agree that college should not be paid for by the government, but even if someone isn't "cut out for it" they should still have the opportunity to attend.

  2. I disagree with your choice because if college tuition is somewhat paid for more people would go get a degree in something so they can make more money in their life.

  3. It is a choice for someone to go to college, or not, but there are not many jobs that will pay you enough for your future without having some sort of college degree. I disagree that it won't benefit everyone because with this help from the government a lot more people will go to college, and if they don't want to they don't have to; it's their choice.

  4. I believe it is a choice the government is making. Many people who use these federal funding is students coming from a poor household. A house hold where there is not enough income so they turn towards in-state colleges. Providing this funding more underprivileged students can find careers for the new generations instead of low paid jobs. Just like the government has a choice, the students do too. Students can or can not go, but the funding is for people who needs it and will use it.


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