Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Should the government subsidize college?

      Should colleges be subsidized by the government? Yes the government should continue to subsidize college. This will encourage students to go to colleges within their community. Subsidizing also a reward for paying taxes and gives student out of collet less debt to deal with.” In 2012 interest rates on subsidized federal loans—which were cut in half from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent in 2007—were due to jump back to 6.8 percent.” ( Chris Edwards, Higher education subsidies 2015). Since the interest is low and easy to payback we should continue to subsidies colleges.

      Should colleges be subsidized? No they should not be paid for by the government. This costs the government lots of money to pay for lots of kids education. By having student pay for college without government aid university's will get more if the students effort to try since they are using their own money. By doing this more student will graduate without government aid. “If 100% of the subsidies just turn up in price rises then there's no point.” (Increased intuition, Tim Worstall 2015). There are some cases in which subsidizing colleges raises prices to attend.

      I think there should only be in state subsidizes. This will keep students with their own community. It also rewards students for staying in their home community and gives back to their loyal citizens. When students a local university they are more likely to get a job in their home community. By paying taxes the students who graduate will help pay for the next classes education.

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