Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Should the state government and tax payers of Iowa pay for about two-thirds of any resident's tuition if he or she attends one of the state's three public universities? Some people argue that they should because it would allow more people to pass, and not fail out of college. "People have potential, and if one is failing then they could just be kicked out. Rather than wasting money and then not even graduating. The percentage of people that succeed could possibly go up, if college was free," (Should the government pay for college?-Liset Hernandez-no date). The argument here is that free college would cause less people to fail it because there are many people with high potential that would do very well in college, and would like to go, but they cannot attend because they can not afford it. There have been many people arguing over this, and it makes a strong case. 
     Although this is a valid argument, many people also believe that the government and tax payers should not pay for college tuition for residents of Iowa because they are already paying enough taxes, and it's not for their benefit. "The government is already spending enough if they are to pay more we are going to complain about the debt. There is a reason college is expensive. The teachers are more expensive along with the equipment," (Should the government pay for college-Liset Hernandez-no date). These people are arguing that the government is already in enough debt, as it is, and they shouldn't be spending more on stuff the residents should he paying for themselves.
     I believe that the government and tax payers should pay for a state tuition for residents if they go to public universities because many people cannot afford the high tuition prices of a public college. "I know the the goverment does not pay for the college, has other expenses and you really can survive without college in some cases. But for people that can't really afford it, should at least have some scholarship or something or may just take a percentage of their pay check if they work, so the goverment can get some of it back," (Should the government pay for college-Liset Hernandez-no date). I agree with this argument because college is very expensive, and if the government has already been paying for state tuitions they should continue this luxury. 

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