Monday, May 1, 2017

Subsidized College

           Getting a college education is more important than most people think. Getting an degree is so important for finding jobs, and will likely get you hired more than not. It looks very good on a resumé and makes you at least look more qualified than say someone else who may not have one. There are many life lessons to be learned at college as well. You don't live at home, you manage your own time, do what you want, and lastly have to learn stuff for after college. College is very expensive, so some can't go where they want. "Bloomberg estimates that the price of college has increased twice as much as that of medical care since 1978. In short, college has become more expensive – and the price continues to increase" (Freedman,, 2013). If college continues to get more expensive, then less kids can afford it, and poverty would go up. College graduates would never seem to not have a job, therefore poverty would not increase. Going to college is a lot more important for our generation than most people think. 
           With the government spending more money on in-state college tuition, that means there's less money to go other places. There is the argument that college is a choice and you don't have to go if you can't afford it. We have a poverty issue in the country, but those in poverty may argue that more money is spent on people who don't need it. In the case of college students, this makes it more expensive for every student who isn't getting the in-state tuition help. "A subsidy can end up, therefore, doing something that really isn't our aim at all. Which brings us to college tuition and subsidised loans and grants to pay for it" (Worstall,, 2015). If we continue to fund in-state tuition, then there is less money to go to other places. 
            I believe it is great for states to provide funding for students to go to college. Getting a college degree is very important and goes a long way for a lot of people. College provides a lot of life lessons and helps a lot for life after school. It is a time for experimenting and figuring out what you really want. Instead of just going to work a low skill job, students learn  skills for jobs of higher quality. Many jobs are business and other things like that, which keep our economy going forward. You may be set back a little for the price of college, but those with a college degree tend to make a lot more money than those who don't have one. Overall I think college is a great thing for those looking for high quality jobs and the government should continue subsidizing in-state tuition. 


  1. Do these "life lessons" mean enough to pay thousands of dollars in tax to pay for a life lesson of a student you have never met. If college is accessible to everyone is will lower the meaning of the higher education and inflate the prices.

  2. I disagree with this because I do not believe that the government should be involved in college tuition. Because the government subsidizes instate tuition it makes the price of colleges go up. That is not fair because as some kids get instate tuition it raises the price of college for others and keeps the price rising


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