Monday, May 1, 2017

     Is subsidizing college a good idea? Some people say that it is. It allows for people who want to go to college to go with little to no debt. If you take Bernie Sander's approach to having public universities be free then it helps in other ways. One of those ways is it helps the people, "It is obscene that the United States government is making a profit off the backs of people who are trying to get an education" (George Zornick,, April 3, 2017). This means that the people will be able to keep their hard earned money. It also allows for our country to be more educated therefore making a stronger workforce. By subsidizing college our nation can become more educated.

     Should schools continue to be subsidized? No they shouldn't for one reason, inflation. As the government continues to subsidize school the cost of school goes up. "The cost of college tuition will continue to rise as long as federal student aid programs continue to increase with little or no accountability" (William J. Bennet,, March 22, 2012). This means as long as we continue to give schools more money the more those schools will cost meaning the more the tax payers will be forced to pay. If we decreased or kept the subsidies the same college could actually become cheaper for the students and most importantly the tax payers.

     Subsidies have allowed for a lot of opportunity in people's lives, but should school continued to be subsidized? I believe that a small subsidy for in state students is good, but too much of a subsidy will cause inflation. As inflation increases so does the amount that the tax payers need to pay. Therefore in state students should receive a subsidy so they have an opportunity to get a second education. Although the amount they save should either be decreased or it should stay the same in order to keep inflation down. Subsidies are great for our country, but too many will cause absurd amounts of taxes and inflation. 

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  1. I agree with you completely, but I just got to talk about one so I'm about to just state some crazy stuff. I saw that you said something about Bernie Sanders and I disagree with everything he stands for so this article makes me irate. I think there shouldn't be subsidy at all.


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