Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Subsidizing College

In today's world a college degree is needed to succeed and receive a well paying job that can support a family. For most families it is very hard to put there kids through college and for others it is just not possible, making it very hard on the kids that are unable to attend college because of money. "Tuition is set high enough to capture those funds(subsidies) and whatever else we think can be extracted from parents."(Chris Edwards and Neal McCluskey, downsizingthegovernment.org, 2015). Although subsidy funds are becoming larger and larger, the colleges just raise there tuition to offset that and get all the money they can from both subsidies and the parents.  Subsidizing all college education would get rid of colleges raising tuition prices to get all the money they can from the parents. 

An argument against subsidizing college is that the cost would be way to high for taxpayers. If the government decided to do this and subsidize college tuition for everyone, taxes would get much higher. People who do not have any kids or don't have anyone to send to college would not be to happy about high taxes with no benefit to them. "it seems certain that the upper echelons of American society will see increased taxes if this passes" (Ellen Andersen, collegeraptor.com, 2016). All people no matter what class of income, would see there taxes rise considerably.

I do not think that subsidization of college education would be a good thing because of the very high taxes it would create. I also think that it would create a market overflow of qualified workers, but we would then have too many workers and not enough jobs. Overall, for those two reasons I believe that subsidizing college education would be a bad idea.

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  1. I believe that's college should be subsidized because many people can't afford for there tuition. There are many people who try to go to college but can't becaus it's so expensive and they can't get student loans because of credit and other reasons


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