Monday, May 1, 2017

Subsidizing College

    College is very expensive, and everyone can't afford to go to college. Subsidizing college makes it a lot easier for people to go to college. Colleges that are subsidized, make it easier for people to go to that college for less of the original payment. The Harvard Law School website states that “[e]very student enrolled at Harvard Law School receives an implicit subsidy from the School’s endowment and the annual gifts made to the Law School by generous benefactors, in that the tuition fee covers only about 60% of the total cost of providing a quality legal education to each student.” Subsidizing college would help students come out of college with less student loans. That would also mean more people would be encouraged to expand their education, and get a better job.

   A lot of people though, say that subsidizing college increases the tuition and doesn't improve college affordability. Last month, Andrew Gillen at the Center for College Affordability and Productivity authored a new paper introducing the "Bennett Hypothesis 2.0," an updated version of my original argument. Under the current financial aid system, he concluded, "As higher financial aid pushes costs higher, it inevitably puts upward pressure on tuition. Higher tuition, of course, reduces college affordability, leading to calls for more financial aid, setting the vicious cycle in motion all over again." Subsidizing college doesn't help make college more affordable like how it claims. All it does is make college tuition more expensive and the colleges have to raise the tuition because they'd be in debt.

    I think that we shouldn't subsidize college. If college was subsidized then the tuition would just go up, since they would need the money. If we didn't subsidize college people would be more likely to go to college, than if it was subsidized. Subsidizing college at first seems like a great idea on paper, but when it actually happens it just makes things worse. Tuition won't decrease because of subsidizing college, since financial aid will be increasing. That's why I'm against subsidizing college, it'll only make tuition go up instead of going down and will make things a lot more worse than it should be.

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  1. I totally agree with your stance but one might disagree and say that subsidizing college will make our society smarter and our economy better because everyone involved is college educated.


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