Tuesday, May 2, 2017

To succeed in today's world education is a main component, and do even better yourself you need college education. The problem is some people can't afford the 85,000 to go to college. Although if the government paid for the tuition for schooling there would be less people on minimum wage and less people in poverty (Long, Lifestyle, 2015). If college was paid for it would help everything and help poor people make more money.

College being paid for would decrease the value of a university degree. With more people having a degree some jobs won't value the work you put into if everyone can do the same thing (Skourp, Michigan Capital, 2013). Also nothing is free we will have to pay more in taxes so it would cost you more once your older.

I think that the government should pay for some of the college tuition because if it's free then everyone would go but if they still have to pay, the people that want to go will. Also even if taxes would increase so would your chances of getting a higher paying job to help pay for the little increase and everything else you want.

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